This section will attempt to clarify whatever it is that is being parodied / homaged / tributed / copied in each episode, or some terms / concepts used. This may spoil your enjoyment of the comic if you're the type who likes to figure out things yourself (to which I salute you). It would be even better if you didn't understand the japanese that Bonnie's spouting, then you'd be able to see her as an otaku even more. Besides, she's not even using proper japanese anyway.

Then again, you may have no idea of whatever it is that's going on in the comic, so might as well read on, it's not like you're losing anything from refraining. If you still need help with pop culture, then Wikipedia is your friend.

Green - Term/word/concept of maybe non-english usage.
Cyan - Name of a series/story from popular culture.
Pink - Just a name/concept.
VTP - Very Tangly Pun. There are ways to derive how the name/thing came into being, but figure it out yourself!


  1. Mahoushoujo means Magical Girl. The title of the comic is a play on Samurai Deeper Kyo. It has no grammatical sense whatsoever. It probably just means this comic contains about 20% more girlmagic than the competitors.
  2. Eye shadows is a plot device for Shadow Lady.
  3. Usagi is the main character from Sailor Moon.
  4. Jeté is a ballet term meaning jumping to a higher level or something. Ballet is the setting for Princess Tutu.
  5. Evil beautician trying to takeover the world is either from Catwoman movie, or from the game SiN
  6. Igor is a generic henchman name.
  7. Banana peel comedy is the most basic form of humour known to mankind. Even when the outcome is most of the time less than funny.
  8. Heroine death by falling from building is from Catwoman

Episode 1

  1. Ore no cosmos means My Cosmos. It's just a line taken from Iketeru Futari
  2. Valhalla is where vikings think they will go after they kick the bucket. Bastardisation of norse mythology is a staple of many anime/manga. It's also the backgrop for Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuki
  3. Those instrument names are taken from a MIDI patch list.
  4. Cosmos-7 amalgams FLCL and Macross-7. Yup, just the number.
  5. There is already a note written to explain the obscure Viking Kitties / Gay Bar thing.
  6. Ragnarok is the final battle in norse myth. It's one giant slugfest.
  7. Kitten Gal is an obvious play on Catwoman.
  8. Myutoto a parody of Mytho from Princess Tutu.
  9. Ressurection by means of multiple cat licks is from Catwoman.
  10. Starting this episode, you might see two backward 'C's followed by a weird smiley at the end of the comic. That's japanese for To be continued... The reason there's none at the Prologue was because there wasn't supposed to be any continuation. Didn't you read that 'The End?!?' thing?

Episode 2

  1. Nurse holding a giant syringe is an influence of too many Pocket/Gem Fighter rounds.
  2. Near-death instant recovery either from Excel Saga or Dragonball
  3. Never buy Idiot's ... books, they really are for idiots.
  4. It is said that if you write things down on objects to identify what they are, then you'd make a lame comic artist. Have at thee, proper comic procedures! :P
  5. People say the GTA games aren't actually evil. Well, imagine someone making a mod that allows ambulance drivers to squish kitties. Now feel guilty.
  6. Gojira is the japanese spelling for that giant lizard that stomps around Tokyo.
  7. The last part is a parody of the first episode of Fruits Basket.

Episode 3

  1. Bonnie is doing the beam-firing pose from Ultraman.
  2. Blackmail is a normal theme in many anime/manga. Nobody gets jailed for it.
  3. The sudden stick-figure art is a result from a Kingdom of Loathing binge.
  4. Ouji-sama is japanese for HRM Prince.
  5. VTP - Miki is spoof of Yuki from Fruits Basket, amalgamated with various other silent dweebs including a character from Q Detective Academy.
  6. VTP - Shigray Hades is a bastardized version of Shigure from Fruits Basket, only more perverted.
  7. Gomen nasai means sorry please. It's abused by webcomickers the world over.
  8. You'll find out what D.D.Schol stands for later.
  9. Lilica is an amalgam of characters from Fruits Basket and Eye Shield 21.

Episode 4

  1. Making fun of before & after type of ads, where the before pics are usually either photo-manips, or taken after something wrong is done to the model.
  2. The theme for the show is elegant gothic style, or you can say Victorian-era stuff. Bonnie is being passed off as an elegant gothic lolita.
  3. Von Helmut seems to be a modern-day shinsengumi, thus he carries a gun instead.
  4. 'Daremo tasekete', or 'Anybody, help!', are most often used by damsel-in-distresses
  5. Hagar the Briefer is an amalgam of Hagar the Horrible, and Roronoa Zoro of One Piece
  6. An ugly mugshot of the Usagi.
  7. All magical girls go thru implied nudity transformation scenes. Since even W.i.t.c.h., an Italian comic, follows this rule, then it's probably canon.
  8. Playboy still owns patents for the bunny-girl costume. Bonnie's one is different from the original.

Episode 5

  1. Most magical girls after transformation have different physiques. Bonnie demonstrates one of them.
  2. 'What you say' is a cliché line from Zero Wing.
  3. Most magical girls after transformation have something called identity concealment, and thus other people from recognizing her true identity. It works even if there's no distinct facial changes when she transforms. To appreciate this you must use suspension of disbelief. For example, Diana Troy looks suspiciously like WonderWoman.
  4. Shinshigumi is an amalgam of the shinsengumi and the YonGumi.
  5. Some shoujomanga utilize ridiculously awkward panel flows. Compared to those, this one's a star!
  6. Shigumix is a parody of YonGumix.
  7. Most magical girls can solve their problems with the help of love. Bonnie demonstrates using it to stop bullets. Love truly conquers all.
  8. One of the original magical girls, Cinderella had her transformations wearing off by twelve o'clock in the night. On whose clock though, I don't know. Some other superheroes have it worse (e.g. Ultraman).

Episode 6

  1. Despite their extragavant transformation scenes, a majority of magical girls don't have untransformation sequences.
  2. In comics, if a female is bathing outside alone, chances are she'd do it naked. It's suspension of common sense, probably to create othewise highly unlikely plot.
  3. This little sequence is a bastardization from the first part of Fruits Basket.
  4. It's now considered very cliché to make fun of the flashback sequence from Love Hina.
  5. 'Kuso!' translates into 'Poop!', only the much vulgar one.

Episode 7

  1. DDS is the school the brats in Q Detective Academy go to. I have no idea why the series is called that when the school's name is different.
  2. An illogical panel, done purely for artistic reasons. :P
  3. VTP - Felix is a ridiculous myriad of amalgamations, that I'm not even going to bother telling what they are.
  4. Most voice actors for children, regardless of gender, are women.
  5. Main branch/side branch family conflicts are classcial factors to hate each other. Cue Kekaishi or Naruto
  6. Different location of family birthmark is from Kekaishi. However, the star mark on the back is from JOJO
  7. The gogogogo letters are written incorrectly!
  8. A lame pun of the desert coffin move in Naruto. Miki's using it to bury a side-order.
  9. Start guessing one of Felix's amalgams around now.
  10. It's Beany! From Beany and Cecil. Old!
  11. Start guessing one of Felix's amalgams around now.
  12. If there is Soul Society, then there are also Rock Groups and Jazz Clubs.

Episode 8

  1. The BnW art is a lampoon of Love Roma.
  2. A parody of the Chibi Usagi arc in SailorMoon.
  3. The colour art is a lampoon of W.i.t.c.h..
  4. The comic convention in the middle of nowhere is a veiled criticism of certain cons I've attended.
  5. A parody of Jess and ChixComix from No Pink Ponies.
  6. If you've read about tweenage mothers, you'd cry too.
  7. The girl is selling yaoi. If you don't know what that is... don't bother. :|
  8. 'Dame!' means 'No!Stoppit!'. Pronounced da-may.
  9. OMG SPOILERZ! It's the true ending from Cave Story!
  10. No idea what Yes Pink Pony is about.
  11. It's a little devil girl. Mostly inspired by Disgaea's Etna.
  12. Sgt. Rabbit?

Episode 9

  1. No she's not taking a puff. That's a Pocky.
  2. Silhouttes stolen from Angelic Layer.
  3. It's common knowledge that American school lockers can be used to store people.
  4. Love Miki Brigade is a parody of Yuki's fanclub in Fruits Basket
  5. Some characters from Angelic Layer and M.A.R.
  6. The girl with a mask, is actually a visored, thus not really shallow.
  7. Yeah, obligatory Ranma 1/2 parody. All humour webcomics seem to do them.
  8. Nude untransformation sequence stolen from Fruits Basket manga.
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