Let me be honest; MSU began as a joke. A terrible joke. The pages you see in the Prologue came into being to make fun of the denizens of the ComicFiesta board. At that time, they were taking their torrid devART attitude into the board and thus I experimented to see the extent of the truth. I decided to post this really horrible excuse of a doodle comic I did and predicted someone would like it.

Turned out I was right.

These people with bad taste then encouraged for a continuation of the doodle comic, and strangely enough, I humoured them. Oh boy, what a mistake. Suddenly there is story. There is character development. There is (shock!) actual flow enough to qualify it as a comic. The joke had turned on me instead. Karma.

There were a number of strict rules enforced during the creation of each page : pencils, half-A4, no erasers, no rulers, no seriousness, no actual drawing, no plotting the story. Very restrictive and open at the same time.

Fast forward to today, some rules are lifted, and the current MSU is now more of a sketch comic, although ad hoc plot creation is still in effect. The CF folks on the other hand, have matured into (mostly) highly talented people and have changed to suit that stature. Hell, if I were to paste that Prolgoue today, that'd be last of it. For the time being, I still hope this series continues evolving.

Because it's fun. XD

Bonnie Pinkie
A bubbly simpleton of a girl who faces numerous misfortunes in her life. She's always in dire need for cash to fund her hobby of collecting Super Sentai Usagi merchandise. Left to fend for herself alone, she's now one of Claire's lackeys.
Claire Tessa Birmingham
Villainess(?). A young woman climbing up the corporate ladder, Claire's only ambition is to take over the world. Beauty coupled with brains, a formidable adversary. R.O.E. wants her on their side, and assigns Bonnie to assist.
Miki Rainjerr
TThe heart-throb of Bonnie's school, and most often called the Prince by the girls there. Despite his dopey appearance, he's actually a famous world-class sleuth. Is affected by the Somah family curse.
Real name unknown. Claims to be Bonnie's daughter. Bonnie calls her little sister, while she goes on calling Bonnie as Mom. Her true identity seems to be a scary demon from the underworld. Very clingy.
Harry Bigboss
The CEO of Jeté, a cosmetics company, which was in financial trouble before Claire started playing out her cards. Intelligence perhaps sorely lacking. Seems to trust Claire and Bonnie.
Shigray Hades
Pervert. Head of Somah Third Estate, and Miki's cousin. Works as a romance novel writer/pulp-manga artist. Is affected by the Somah family curse. Has blackmailed Bonnie into being the household maid.
Felix H.G. Wella
Miki's brash cousin and rival. Loves to fight. Is affected by the Somah family curse. Able to turn into a (part-time) Jazz Lord. Seems to have Greene attached to his left hand. Is suspicious of whether Bonnie is D.O.A.
Rockya Greene
Jazz Lady from Jazz Club, but has given half her powers to Felix after some sick twist of fate caused her to be his left hand. Has a crush on Felix, and very jealous of any other girls getting close to him. May also have other problems.
Lilica Hayden
The resident school gangster. Bonnie's childhood friend, and protects her from the forces of whatever for a 'reasonable' monthly fee. Was very indebted to Bonnie's mother. Has a crush on Felix.
Molly Sanders
Lilica's monotonous follower. Acts as the muscle of the group, and someone to depend on in a scuffle. Hidden behind her brawns is a calculative mind, though she doesn't like to flaunt it.
Halo Pussy
In charge of R.O.E.'s recruitment office. Has many feline agents roaming the world in search of new talent. Doesn't quite understand Bonnie what wants, and would rather have her go nekomimi mode.
Meijun Jyulai
Real name Mei Xun Xu Lai. Works as a nurse with questionable practices in Balaipolis Hospital. Hopes to be able to experiment on remarkable specimens, thus Bonnie isn't quite off her radar yet.
Hagar the Briefer
R.O.E. agent in charge of giving mission briefings to other operatives on earth. Skilled in the deadly 3-Axed Melee fighting style. Hates participating in actual combat, since it oft leaves him bloody.
Claire's vile henchman/assistant/slave/creature/lackey. Always seems to be around whenever Claire needs some dramatic effect, and disappears when he's not needed. Is he evil, or just misunderstood?
Helmut Von Jyakaru
One of the infamous Shinshigumi assasins. Currently contracted by the Underworld to dispose of any people trying to help Claire succeed, but his attempt was foiled. Now recuperating, and developed a crush on Bonnie.
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